Chapman Guitars ML-3 “Project Necromancer” Custom Refurb LIVE Solo Feat. PCJ Custom Guitars

I was approached by PCJ Custom Guitars to play a solo on a new custom project using a heavily modded Chapman Guitars ML-3 RC

After playing the guitar I ending up writing an entire song for the project. The Sustainiac pickup opened up a lot of different options for both rhythm and solo parts so the music came together very quickly.

The upgrade spec for the “Necromancer” is as follows

  • Kahler 7300 Hybrid Tremolo
  • Floyd style locking nut
  • Seymour Duncan Black Winter humbucker
  • Sustainiac Stealth Pro system
  • EMG AB ‘Afterburner’ 20dB booster
  • Cosmo black hardware
  • Gotoh tuners

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You can find out more about PCJ Custom Guitars here or here.