Q & A

Here are some of the questions I get asked the most regarding guitar lessons

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What is the minimum age for students?

It really depends on the child but I would suggest a minimum age of 6 or 7

What is the maximum age for students?

There isn’t one!

Do I need my own instrument?

I would recommend students have their own guitar or bass so they can play at home as practice will greatly improve progress

What areas do you cover?

I teach across Surrey

When Do You Teach?

I teach from 10am to 830pm on weekdays and Saturday mornings

Why do you only offer a minimum of 1 hour lessons?

I offer a minimum of 1 hour lessons as it allows enough time to recap what’s been covered in previous lessons, check pupils progress, help with any problems and move forward with new material to learn

Lessons at school or lessons with KGG?

School guitar lessons are often restricted to 30mins and follow a strict curriculum with many students learning at once. I offer one to one tuition with a syllabus tailored to each students specific goals. This allows the student to learn songs and techniques that focus on bands and styles of music they enjoy making learning more enjoyable

Do You Teach Group Lessons?

I only teach one to one lessons. Group lessons can make it difficult for all students to progress and get the help they need so I teach one to one to ensure each student gets the most out of each lesson

Do you teach other instruments?

I teach a number of other stringed instruments. In addition to guitar and bass I also teach ukulele, banjo, mandolin, dobro, lap steel and dulcimer